www.e-rovinieta.ro - a dedicate website to purchase electronic ro-vignettes

UNTRR launches www.e-rovinieta.ro , a dedicate website allowing its members and non-members to purchase electronic ro-vignettes.


UNTRR is a distributor authorized by CNADNR to issue electronic ro-vignettes for all vehicle , present online by the website e-rovinieta.ro and having agencies in the country. The website is available in 8 foreign languages (EN, FR, HU, DE, TR, BG, RU, RS)  and it also allows you to download now the application e-rovinieta for your mobile.

Why use e-rovinieta.ro?

1. Intuitive and easy to use interface

2. The only application where you can purchase more ro-vignettes in one command

3. Secure Payment Mastercard / Visa

4. Customer account - Orders and payments history

5.  Integrated fleet management tool: a) Manage vehicles, so pre-filled data for new issuances b) Ro-vignettes reports fleet status c) History ro-vignettes on vehicle

6. Multiple profiles account so you can buy ro-vignettes for several companies

7.Ro-vignette notifications expiration

8. Email on the issued ro-vignette

9. Mobile Applications

10. The most important advantage of purchasing the ro-vignettes online or directly to an agency is due to the fact that an invoice will be issued and therefore the Romanian companies can deduct the VAT, and our partner Vialtis.ro will refund it to the foreign companies.

If you choose to purchase electronic ro-vignettes, there are 3 simple steps:

1.   Log in (if you don't have an account, click on  Register to create an account)

2.   Add an order and fill in the details for the requested ro-vignettes. Choose the payment modality and send the order. You will receive by e-mail the respective proforma invoice

3.         Make the payment - online by credit card through the card securized processor or by bank transfer by payment order. After the confirmation of the payment the ro-vignettes are issued and you receive by e-mail the invoice and the ro-vignettes serie. If your mobile number is registered to Romania, you will also receive (free of charge) a text message on the series of the issued ro-vignettes. The orders, the issued ro-vignettes and the invoices can be seen anytime in your account on the website.  

Last page edit: 04/23/2014


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