Press release 12 May 2015: T-Festival: a marathon event that brought together both special contests and broad public and six conferences dedicated to transport industry


Press release

T-Festival: a marathon event that brought together both special contests and broad public and six conferences dedicated to transport industry

T-Festival, the largest festival dedicated to hauliers in Southeast Europe, was successfully concluded after a marathon of performances, demonstrations and events between May 8-10 in Bucharest.

Organized by the National Union of Road Hauliers from Romania (UNTRR) and the International Road Transport Union (IRU), T-Festival brought together the biggest manufacturers of trucks, trailers, commercial vehicles, motorcycles and equipment dealers. The winners of the contests ”The most beautiful truck”, ”The most beautiful motorcycle” and ”The most popular rock band” were announced in the last day of the festival. The total value of the prizes was EUR 16,000.

”We believe that the third edition of T-Festival was a success and we will continue to organize these events for hauliers in order to create a business environment for all stakeholders in order to find new ways and opportunities to develop their businesses. This event was primarily an opportunity for new collaborations and business opportunities between hauliers and their customers, truck manufacturers and suppliers of products and services that address to transport industry. I am pleased that we brought to the attention of Bucharest, for the first time this combination of tuned trucks - customized motorcycles - rock music during T-Festival”, said Radu Dinescu, Secretary General UNTRR.

The winners of the international trophies T-Festival- ”The most beautiful truck”, ”The most beautiful motorcycle” and ”The most popular rock band”

The trophy ”The most beautiful truck” and the prize of EUR 3,000 together with goods and services worth EUR 2,000 was won by Ion Nagl from OST Transport company, who entered in the competition with a truck Scania R 500 customed with elements inspired from the Iron Man movie. Second place was taken by a DAF XF truck of Larimixspeed company, owner - Mihai Stefan, receiving goods and services worth UER 1,500, while a Coronado Freigthliner truck owned by Ion Stancu from Standard Industry came in third place and received products and services worth EUR 1,000. The Popularity Award, consisting of products and services of EUR 500, was awarded to Mihai Tomescu, the owner of a Peterbilt truck. In addition, all participants in the contest ”The most beautiful truck” have received a card with 200 liters of diesel from UNTRR.


The award ”The most beautiful motorcycle” went to a motorcycle built from scratch and owned by Dorin Arpad Racz who received a prize of EUR 2,000 plus EUR 400 surprise prizes from T-Festival sponsors. In second place came Marcel Chiva, winning products and services of EUR 1,500 and EUR 400 surprise prizes from T-Festival sponsors, while third place was occupied by Santiago Leorda rewarded with goods and services of EUR 1,500 and EUR 150 surprise prizes. The Popularity Award consisting in products and services of EUR 1,000 and special prizes of EUR 150 was won by Andi Ceuca.

The award ”The most popular rock band” went to the band Fallen, followed by The Krypton Sparks and Maddriven. The winning band was rewarded with EUR 2,000, the rest receiving EUR 1,000 and EUR 500.

During the 3-day festival, UNTRR organized six thematic conferences and seminars dedicated to the transport industry. The International Conference IRU-UNTRR on fair competition in road transport –”Challenges and solutions to facilitate sustainable transport in Europe” was held on May 8th. The Conference reviewed recent developments in European road transport market, addressing the issue of fair competition in Eurasian region and the recent neo-protectionist measures adopted by Germany and France, which are seriously affecting the activity of hauliers and the competitiveness of the economy Europe as a whole. The senior representatives of the European and Romanian authorities have highlighted the ongoing concerns at European level regarding these problems. Among distinguished speakers present were Pedro Dias - DG Move, European Commission, Iulian Matache, Secretary of State - Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, Marian-Jean Marinescu - MEP, Member of the Committee on Transport and Tourism of the European Parliament, Maria Grapini - MEP, member of the Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection of the European Parliament, Ana Claudia Tapardel, MEP, member of the Committee on Transport and Tourism European Parliament. The Conference panel was composed of the road transport industry associations’ representatives from Denmark, France, The Netherlands, Hungary, Poland, Romania and Turkey that also discussed about the fair competition in the EU market, further liberalization of road transport versus rise of protectionism in the EU - each panelist presenting their vision on the future of European road transport market.


Transport Industry Awards 2015

The Transport Industry Awards were granted within the Anniversary Gala UNTRR 25 years on May 8th. At its 2nd edition, the Transport Industry Awards is an UNTRR initiative along with colleague associations representing other modes of transport, Railway Association of Romania (ATFER), Aviation Operators Association (AROPA), Port Operator Organization (CPOA). The aim of this joint initiative associations of transport in Romania was to reward the most efficient companies in each transport mode, to promote the competitiveness of transport together as an important sector of the national economy and to facilitate the development of new collaborations within the industry through better interconnections between all modes of goods and passengers transport. Thus, by increasing the flow of goods from the port of Constanta or the number of passengers from Otopeni, road transport will also benefit from this development.

In road transport category, Rombus Transport was awarded the ”Smart Move Romania for innovation in tourism with coach”, VIO TRANSGRUP received ”The first Romanian company with the highest security standard in road transport - TAPA TSR 1”, Christian Tour – ”The biggest tourist transport operator”, STP Alba Iulia – ”The most innovative metropolitan haulier”, Ecarom received the award for ”Goods carried out in 2014 to the farthest destination - Irkutsk, Russian Federation”, Com Divers – ”First Eco Effect ambassador in Romania” and Duvenbeck Logistik – ”Eco Effect Champion in Romania”.

In rail category, Grup Feroviar Roman (GFR) was awarded ”The Largest private freight operator”, West Trans Rail  was awarded ”The most dynamic rail freight operator” and DB Schenker Rail Romania – ”Rail freight operator with the highest growth in 2014”. In the category of aviation, Blue Air was named ”The most dynamic and innovative airline," Aerowest - "The biggest utilitarian aviation company”, Tuzla Airport – ”The private airport with the most dynamic development”, Fly Level - ”Flight School with the most dynamic international development” and Aerobic Yakkers – ”The oldest aerobatics formation”.

In the category of port operators, United Shipping Agency - Nidera was named ”The largest port operator after storage capacities”, Socep – ”The oldest port operator with continuous development” and APM Terminals Romania – ”The oldest operator  with the highest growth”.

There were also awarded UNTRR 25 years prizes dedicated to UNTRR members. Frigoexpres was awarded ”Freight company with the greatest seniority”, Georgio Trans – ”Passenger transport company with the greatest seniority”, Com Divers – ”Goods transport company most active in outside EU transport”, Arabesque – ”Goods transport company with the largest fleet”, Omsan Logistics –”Goods transport company with foreign capital most active in outside EU transport”, Complet Darox –”Goods transport company with the most efficient use of vehicles in outside EU transport”,  International Lazar – ”International good transport company with continuous development” and PL Noris – ”International passenger transport company with the most original and best quality coaches”.

The award ceremony of Top Manager Award IRU 2015 was organized during Gala Dinner UNTRR. Following the international competition organized by IRU this year, six managers of UNTRR member companies received the prestigious Top Manager IRU 2015: Serban Popescu - Lagermax, Viorel Angelescu - Viotrans, Minodor Popa - Labirint, Gheorghe Radu - Do-Ra Travel, Gherghe Sufana - Transuf, Mircea Ioanesiu - Transcom.

During the festival, the public could see the latest vehicle models and the latest news from T-Festival partners - UNTRR, Scania, Daf (EVW Holding), Mercedes Benz, Volvo, Renault Trucks, Krone (CTE Trailers), Mol Romania, Goodyear, Vialtis, Castrol, Oscar Downstream, Alpha Bank, E-Rovinieta.ro, AS24, Vialtis, BMW Motorrad, Motorcycle Support, Scoala Auto-Moto AMI, Golden Brau, Vesta, IFPTR, Aero Art Custom Airbrush and Pro-Bike.

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