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27.03.2015 PRESS RELEASE: The German Federal Minister of Labour and Social Affairs replied to UNTRR letter regarding the application of Germany’s Minimum Wage Act

02.04.2015 The debate on the minimum wage in the transport sector - Plenary session of the European Parliament, Brussels 25/03/2015

27.03.2015 Answer from the German Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs to UNTRR’s intervention regarding the application of Germany’s Minimum Wage Act:

26.03.2015 PRESS RELEASE: MKFE, UNTRR, ZMPD, CESMAD Bohemia and LINAVA – transport associations representing road transport companies from Hungary, Romania, Poland, Czech Republic and Lithuania – signed a joint petition to the European Parliament handed to Mr. Istvan Újhelyi – Vice-Chair of EP Transport and Tourism Committee, during the protest organized in Brussels, in front of the European Parliament on March 25th

25.03.2015 MKFE, UNTRR, ZMPD, CESMAD Bohemia and LINAVA - transport associations from Hungary, Romania, Poland, Czech Republic and Lithuania - protested together today against neoprotectionist measures like law MiLoG and law Macron, in front of the European Parliament, Place du Luxembourg. The associations signed a joint petition which Mr. Radu Dinescu handed to Mr. Istvan Újhelyi - Vice-Chair, Transport and Tourism Committee, European Parliament, in front of the protesters.












Press release

UNTRR, MKFE, ZMPD, CESMAD Bohemia, LINAVA  – the road transport associations from Romania, Hungary, Poland, Czech Republic, Lithuania – join forces and organize a common protest in Brussels  against neo-protectionist measures like MiLoG and Loi Macron, on 25th of March 2015, Place du Luxembourg

UNTRR obtained the Brussels City Hall’s approval to conduct a public protest in Brussels on 25 March 2015 from 14:00 to 16:00 (local time) on the Place du Luxembourg, the European Parliament (EP). Due to the fact that Brussels is under a special condition of terrorism alert, the protest is to be organized under special rules and all the participants need to follow the rules. Special badges will be distributed to the participants officially registered to the protest.

At this time, from 15.00pm, the European Parliament will be in a plenary session which will discuss protectionism in EU - minimum rates of payment in the transport sector and the Commission statement on compliance with European law by the minimum wage law in Germany (MiLog).

This will be the first protest organized in Brussels after a series of public manifestation which took place at national level.
For more info please visit: http://www.stopneoprotectionism.eu/

The media is invited to join the protest: contact person: roxana.ilie@untrr.ro; 0040.720.999.212




IRU has just informed UNTRR that the German authorities announced today (30.01.2015) that the minimum wage would not be applicable for TRANZIT operations performed by foreign transport operators until clarifications are made whether this would be in conformity with EU law. Those clarifications are foreseen for summer 2015.

According to the announcement, transport operations to and from Germany will not be concerned by this exemption.

UNTRR will keep you informed as soon as there is more information available.

Conditions, procedure and terms of repayment of state aid amounts representing the difference between the standard differential excise and excise duties on gas oil used as motor fuel

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