Transport Day Celebration - May 9th Saint Christopher’s Day - the protector of transport and traveling

UNTRR promotes Transport Day on 9th of May - Saint Christopher in Orthodox Calendar, the protector of transport and traveling.

The reasons for this decision are:

Saint Christopher's Day - the protector of transport and traveling

Holy Martyr Christopher is one of the most amazing saints of the Church of Christ, celebrated on May 9.

Who is the holy martyr? Since the fourth century, the life of St. Christopher Martyr, martyr "bearer of Christ" (Christo + Foros) was represented in several versions, fresco and icons. The iconographic representations come to mind as two faces, although they are much more. In the first depiction, Saint Christopher appears as an ordinary man, who takes him back Christ child over a stream. We know that the job of moving people across the water from side to side, as he did have a greater height than the others. The second stance is the man appears with a dog head and a cross in his hand, cross the martyr.

Holy Martyr Christopher protects drivers of troubles

As patron of travel, St. Christopher Martyr protects the believers by bad weather, floods, lightning and plague and other diseases that may worsen when you go through a bumpy trail. In a time when Christians were persecuted under the emperor Decius (249-251 AD), Christopher was advised by a hermit to convert and fast. As he could not, he tried to wash the mistake by helping people successfully pass a very dangerous river in the area, which has claimed many lives.

One day, a child asked him to go on the other side of the water and as they progressed, the currents became stronger and younger seemed to be getting harder. With great difficulty and risking his life, Christopher was able to bring him to shore and the child said: "Did you wear on your shoulders not only the whole world but the One who created it. I am Christ, your king, whom you have served faithfully."

Therefore, the name Christopher means "Christ-bearer." Following this event, his adherence to the divine depth and he preached Christianity to the gentiles, while arrived in the city of Lycia, in Asia Minor. Furious, the Governor asked him to give up his faith, and because St. Christopher disobeyed, he commanded his head cut off. The relics of St. Christopher were taken to the island of Rab, Croatia. When the Normans tried to invade the region and to besiege the city, the coffin with the remains of the martyr was brought into the city walls and, miraculously, the wind suddenly changed direction and enemy ships have been removed from the shore.

Many drivers use to carry in their cars charms of the holy icons with hope that they will be so guarded by accident.

9th of May has a triple significance for Romanian people

In addition to Independence Day proclaimed in 1877, Romanians celebrate the Victory of Coalition United Nations the World War II on 9 May 1945 and Europe Day.

132 years ago, on May 9, 1877, the House of Representatives proclaimed the independence of Romania, paving the way for international recognition of Romanian nation's right to decide their own fate. Entered the war in the spring of 1877, Romanian Army triumphed on the battlefield, conquered all Ottoman redoubts at Plevna, Spot, Smârdan and Vidin. Romania's independence was won by the sacrifice of more than 10,000 soldiers.

More than half a century later, on May 9, 1945, Romanians lived the joy of the Third Reich surrender. Signing of the unconditional surrender of Germany took place in the Soviet headquarters in Berlin and thus ended the Second World War in Europe.

Europe Day is also celebrated on May 9. 58 years ago, the French Foreign Minister, Robert Schuman, proposed Germany and other states to make "concrete foundation of a European federation indispensable to the preservation of peace."

On April 18, 1951, six countries - Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands - signed the Treaty of Paris on the first of the European Communities, Economic Community of Coal and Steel Community.

Subsequently, the six countries decided to build an economic community based on free movement of goods, persons, services and capital, and in 1957, by the Treaty of Rome, it was established the European Economic Community, the precursor to today's European Union.

May 9 was chosen as the Europe Day by the European Council in Milan in 1985.

General story:

"That was powerful, all were afraid of him and had whim; said he wants to serve the most powerful man in the world.

Once, a king passed through the region. He had more power and armies. When Reprovos (it was his first name, barbarian) saw him, he was amazed and said to himself: This is the most powerful man in the world, I shall enter his service. Thus came into his bodyguard. Where was king, there he also was.

One day, however, going through a cave, the king was scared. Shaking like a baby. Reprovos says:

- What is the matter, my king? I am here.

What had happened? There was a wizard in the cave. And others who were on guard, said:

- See? The wizard is more powerful than the king, if he makes him tremble.

- A, Reprovos said, so the wizard has more power than the king?

- Of course, I say. Satan rules the world, up and down kings, he is ruler of the world. Who worship the devil, becomes a great man.

- How about! And yet I had the impression that the king is the most powerful.

So he leaves the king and he goes to the wizard's cave and says:

- I will serve you; you are the strongest.

- Very well, replied the wizard. Come with me and I'll show you all the secrets.

Then Reprovos followed him.

But one day, while passing by he sees the wizard shakes, falls to the ground, is appalled and foams.

- What happened? he says.

One who was there answers:

- Here is a church and its yard is a cell and the cell is a hermit who has with him a cross. If the devil sees the cross, he falls and strikes. Therefore wizard fears the cross of Christ. Christ rules the world.

- What?- Reprovos askes. Christ is more powerful than the king and the wizard?

He leaves the wizard and goes to the hermit. It makes a prostration and says:

- I came to learn the religion you believe in.

Monk sat next to him and talked about Christ.

- With you I shall stay, says Reprovos.

- You're not a monk here. You'll be baptized to become a Christian, then I will send you to serve Christ in society.

- And what shall I do wherever I go?

- You fast.

- I cannot fast. I am still hungry after eating four loaves.

- You will do prostrations, you will prayer, you will read the Gospel.

- I cannot read.

Then the hermit made him a sign and he said:

- Do you seee that river?

- Yes, says he, I passed it many times.

- There, in winter, many babies and old drown. So you will go there and everyone who cannot pass, you will put on your shoulders and you will pass them.

- That's easy for me.

- You will remain there for three years and help those who are in distress.

He went to the river and all the days of his flesh was the deck and passed everybody.

One day, he saw a baby on the shore.

- What do you want? he asks.

- Can you pass me?

He takes him on his shoulders. But the crossed the river, baby encumber more! Like having a ton on it. He sweated and suffered to cross the river.

Then he heard a voice saying to him:

- The one you've got on your shoulders is not a baby; is Jesus Christ, who takes upon himself the whole world...

And the infant was made invisible.

Since then, Reprovos changed name, he was called Christopher (ie bearer of Christ) because he wore the Christ on his shoulders."

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