Speed limits (km/h)

Vehicles Roads inside urban areas Roads outside urban areas
Other road categories Express roads or national European (E) Motorways
Vehicles of A and B category 50 90 100 130
Vehicles of C, D categories and D1 sub-category 50 80 90 110
Vehicles of A1, B1 and C1 sub-category 50 70 80 90


  • On some inside urban areas road sections, the road administrator may impose, for the vehicles of A and B categories, even higher speed limits, but no more than 80 km/h. The speed limits higher than 50 km/h are imposed only with the road police agreement.
  • On some road sections, taking into account the circumstances and the volume of traffic, the road administrator with the road police agreement may impose lower speed limits, but not less than 10 km/h for trams and 30 km/h for all vehicles.
  • The maximum speed outside the urban areas for vehicles with trailers or semitrailers is with 10 km/h less than the maximum speed admitted for the category the tracking vehicle belongs.
  • The maximum speed for abnormal vehicles or carrying dangerous goods is 40 km/h in urban areas, and outside urban areas is 70 km/h.
  • The maximum speed outside the urban areas for vehicles whose drivers have less than 1 year of driving practice or for persons that are preparing in view of obtaining the driving licence is with 20 km/h less than the maximum admitted speed for the category the driven vehicles belongs.

Last page edit: 09/08/2009


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