Road tax, 2018

Road use charge

The Romanian road use charge, called ‘rovinieta’, which is compulsory throughout the Romanian road network, may be obtained from the offices of the National Road Administration at border crossing points, from some fuel petrol stations as well as from UNTRR regional branches. UNTRR has developed an online application in English, German, Hungarian, Russian, Turkish, Bulgarian, Polish and Serbian, which allows hauliers to buy rovinieta. The “rovinieta” may be purchased by credit card up to 30 days before the starting date of the vignette.

Since 1 October 2010, the paper vignette system (sticker that used to be stuck on the windscreen) has been replaced by an electronic system. However, the driver still needs to go to one of the above mentioned selling points in order to pay for the electronic vignette of his choice. The driver will be asked to provide the vehicle’s registration number as well as the vignette type and its period of validity. These data will be entered into the National Road Authority and police database.  After paying the corresponding fee, the driver receives a receipt and an annex containing all relevant data that he should keep onboard the vehicle. Payment is automatically registered in the central system and is maintained throughout the period of validity for which the fee was paid. Once the validity has expired, the driver needs to go back to one of the selling points and pay for another vignette.

Inspections are conducted either via cameras or by inspection officers. Drivers who are not in possession of a valid rovinieta will be subject to a fine of between RON 250 and 4,500 (~ € 57 to € 1'050).

Categories of vehicles:

A - cars

G - passenger transport vehicles with more than 9 seats (including the driver) and maximum 23 seats (including the driver)

H - passenger transport vehicles with more than 23 seats (including the driver)


The rovinieta tariffs are as follows:

(Tariffs in EURO, including VAT)






1 day


7 days


30 days


90 days


12 months






1 day


7 days


30 days


90 days


12 months





Last page edit: 03/16/2018


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