Speed Limits

(in km/h)

In built–up areas

A = all-purpose roads

Outside built–up areas

B = all-purpose roads

C = 4 - lane roads (expressways or dual carriageways/ E-roads)

D = motorways

Speeds limits, goods transport

         A                   B        

Goods vehicle (GVW ≤ 3.5 t)          

50 90 100 130

Goods vehicle (GVW > 3.5 t

to ≤ 7.5 t)

50 70 80 90

Goods vehicle (GVW > 7.5 t)

50 80 90 110

Road train 2)

50 70 80 90

1) The transport of heavy and bulky goods (abnormal loads) is forbidden on the motorways network, unless authorised by the relevant authorities. Vehicles which, for technical or any other reasons, cannot be driven at a minimum speed of 50 km/h are also forbidden on motorways.

2) Motor vehicle of between 3.5 t and 7.5 t plus trailer of over 750 kg, on condition that the the Gvw of the combined vehicle does not exceed 12 t and the gross weight of the trailer does not exceed the weight of the motor vehicle

Last page edit: 10/14/2005


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