Customs Formalities

For the driver, the following documents are required:

  • Valid passport with visa issued by the Romanian Embassies/Consulates abroad - no visa required for European citizen on short visit or in transit;
  • AETR record sheets ( tachograph discs);
  • ADR training certificate;
  • professional attestation;
  • International driving licence;
  • If the driver is not the carrier, a certificate from the employer stating that the goods are covered by a TIR or an ATA Carnet.

For the vehicle, the following documents are required:

  • Vehicle registration certificate from the country of origin;
  • Technical inspection certificate;
  • Green international insurance card. It is also possible to take out a third party insurance policy at the border.
  • ADR insurance certificate;
  • ADR certificate of approval;
  • ATP certificate of compliance;
  • In the case of a hired vehicle, copy of the contract of proof of hire;
  • ECMT authorisation or bilateral or transit transport authorisation;

For the goods, the following documents are required:

  • CMR international consignment note;
  • Bill or freight list;
  • Certificate of origin of the goods;
  • Sanitary or veterinary certificate if needed;
  • TIR or ATA carnet, as appropriate;
  • ADR transport document, consignor's declaration, ADR security instructions;
  • ADR container packing certificate;
  • Document for the cross-border transport of waste

Last page edit: 05/10/2006


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