25.03.2020: informații actualizate privind măsurile luate de unele state în contextul COVID-19

Austria (25.03.2020)

The Ministry of Social Affairs has issued a new regulation which restricts the entry into Austria from land border crossing points of those persons living in or transiting from the following neighboring countries: 

  • Italy
  • Switzerland
  • Liechtenstein
  • Germany
  • Hungary
  • Slovenia 

Those wanting to enter Austria must present a medical certificate that can be filled out in German, English or Italian, which proves that their test for SARS-CoV-2 is negative. The medical certificate must not be older than four days at the time of entry, otherwise the authorities may refuse entry. 

This regulation does not apply to freight or commuter traffic . This regulation came into force on 20.3.2020.

Source: AISÖ


Danemarca (25.03.2020)

An order has been issued extending the validity of a number of driver licences and certificates in the transport sector.  The ban on exchanging drivers between companies has also been temporarily lifted. These measures have been put it place to prevent driver shortages. 

The validity of the following categories of licences and certificates that expire in the period between 1 March and 30 April 2020 will be extended to 31 August 2020:

Licence types:  C1, C1/E, C, C/E, D1, D1/E, D and D/E.

Driver training certificates issued pursuant to the Executive Order on Qualification Requirements for Certain Drivers of Vehicles in Road Transport.

Driver training certificates for the carriage of dangerous goods by road issued pursuant to the Order on the Carriage of Dangerous Goods.

Security Advisor Certificate issued pursuant to Executive Order on Security Advisors for the Transport of Dangerous Goods.

In addition, notwithstanding section 6a (2), 1 of the Freight Forwarding Act, the exchange of drivers between companies with an operating licence for international freight transport is allowed pursuant to section 1 (1). 1 of the Freight Transport Act. This applies until 30 March 2020.

Original article in Danish: http://dtl.eu/presserum/nyheder/2020/marts/sundhedsministeren-saetter-lempelser-i-kraft-for-vejtransport/

Source: DTL

Federația Rusă (25.03.2020)

At a meeting of the State Commission on the sustainability and development of the Russian economy, it was decided to temporarily allow the use of on-board units making payments to the Platon Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) for paying toll charges over the next 90 calendar days from the date of expiration of their service (verification) with the possibility to extend this period.

On 25 March, the Russian President addressed the nation and officially declared next week (28 March - 5 April) non-business week for all across Russia. Passenger transport and international road transport are exempted from the provision.

Source of information: ASMAP and Russian government

Turcia (25.03.2020)

Turkey has introduced restrictions on road freight transport.

Turkish drivers returning to their country have undergo a fourteen-day quarantine. Drivers from a country in the list below can no longer enter Turkey before having undergone a fourteen-day quarantine outside Turkey (at the border). Drivers from a country not on the list can enter Turkey unless they are carrying freight from or through a country on the list. In the latter case, a fourteen-day quarantine is also imposed. The list of countries is regularly updated. It should be noted that procedures are in place at the border to tranship goods onto vehicles inside Turkey. More information on those procedures to follow.

Country list (updated on 23/03 afternoon):

Angola / Algeria / Austria / Belgium / Bangladesh / China / Canada / Czech Republic / Chad / Cameroon / Colombia / Denmark / Djibouti / Dominican Republic / Egypt / Ecuador / Equatorial Guinea / France / Finland / Germany / Guatemala / Hungary / Iran / Italy / Iraq / Ireland / India / Ivory Coast / Jordan / Kuwait / Kenya / Kosovo / Kazakhstan / Lebanon / Latvia / Montenegro / Morocco / Mongolia / Moldova / Mauritania / NCTR / Norway / Netherlands / Niger / Northern Macedonia / Nepal / Oman / Poland / Philippines / Portugal / Panama / Peru / South Korea / Spain / Sweden / Switzerland / Saudi Arabia / Slovenia / Sudan / Sri Lanka / UK / United Arab Emirates / Ukraine / Uzbekistan / Taiwan / Tunisia.

Source: UND


Turkmenistan (25.03.2020)

With effect from 24 March 2020, the transportation of goods arriving in Turkmenistan by road through the checkpoints "Garabogaz" and "Farap" on the state border of Turkmenistan, followed by transportation inside Turkmenistan, will be carried out by Turkmen carriers. The goods can be transferred from the foreign freight carrier to a Turkmen freight carrier in specially designated areas on the state border, provided that they are transferred without contact.

Foreign trucks which arrived in Turkmenbashi International Seaport prior to, or on 23 March (inclusive) can leave trailers or semi-trailers in the designated areas on the territory of the Turkmenbashi International Seaport for subsequent transportation to Turkmenistan, or for transit through its territory by Turkmen trucking companies. Subsequently, foreign tractors must return, with the driver, by sea.

However, with effect from 24 March 2020, all cargo arriving at the Turkmenbashi International Sea Port, including cargo in transit, can only be sent by sea vessel, on trailers or semi-trailers without tractors, drivers or persons accompanying the goods.

At the same time, for the efficient functioning of transport and transit corridors passing through the territory of Turkmenistan, the Turkmen authorities propose to actively use combined modes of transport (both sea and land) for the transportation of goods in containers and railway wagons.

For any issues relating to the transportation of goods in Turkmenistan and transit through its territory, the Turkmen authorities have set up hotlines:

Ashgabat      - +99365647471;

Baku             -  +994502900301;

Tashkent      - +998712023210/998901297455.

Taking into account the introduction of additional measures in Turkmenistan to combat the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, it is recommended that carriers, as well as organisations planning to deliver goods to Turkmenistan, minimise the volume of road freight transport in the region by using combined modes of transport.

Please consider this information when planning transportation.

Source: THADA


Ucraina (25.03.2020)

Given the fact that Ukraine and neighbouring countries have imposed restrictions on crossing the state borders, the State Border Service of Ukraine has released a list of checkpoints that operate between Ukraine and neighbouring countries.

In addition, to prevent the spread of COVID-19, Ukraine and most of the neighbouring countries have restricted entry of foreigners to their territory.

Crossing points at the border with Belarus:

In the Chernihiv region: "Senkivka-Veselivka", "Novi Yarylovichi-Nova Huta" "Slavutich-Komarin".

In the Kiev region: "Wilcha-Alexandrovka".

In the Zhytomyr region: "Vystupovichi-Nova Rudnya".

In the Rivne region: "Gorodishche-Verkhny Terebezhiv", "Applicants-Nevel".

In the Volyn region: "Dolsk-Mokhro", "Domanove-Mokran", "Pulemets-Tomashivka".

At the border with Poland:

In the Lviv region: "Rava-Ruska-Grebenne" and "Krakovets-Korchova".

In the Volyn region: "Yagodin-Dorohusk".

At the border with Slovakia:

In the Transcarpathian region: "Little Berezniy-Ublya", "Uzhgorod-Cherry-German".

At the border with Hungary:

In the Transcarpathian region: "Luzhanka-Beregshuran", "Vilok-Tisabech", "Kosino-Barabash", "Bell-Lony" and "Chop (Tisa) Zakhon".

At the border with Romania:

In the Transcarpathian region: "Dyakovo-Halmeu".

In the Chernivtsi region: "Porubne-Siret".

At the border with Moldova:

In the Odessa region: "Palanka-Beacons-Convenient", "Starokozache-Tudor", "Reni-Giurgiulesti", "Tabaki-Mirne".

In Vinnytsia region: "Mogilev-Podilskyi-Otach".

In Chernivtsi region: "Rossoshany-Brichen", "Mamaliga-Kriv".

At the border with Russia:

In the Kharkiv region: "Chugunovka-Verigovka", "Pletenivka-Shebekino", "Goptivka-Nekhoteevka".

In the Sumy region: "Greater Pysarivka-Grayvoron", "Yunakivka-Sudzha", "Bachevsk-Trostrebne", "Katerynivka-Krupets".

In Chernihiv region: "Gremyach-Pogar", "Senkovka-Novy Yurkovichi".

In the Lugansk region: "Milove-Chertkovo", "Prosyane-Buhayivka", "Tanyushivka-Rovenky".

Source: State Border Services of Ukraine, AsMAP-Ukraine.




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