Intervenția UNTRR nr. 461/11.03.2020 adresată dnei. Paola De Micheli – Ministrul Infrastructurii și Transporturilor din Italia, ref.: solicitare derogare de la interzicerea efectuării repausului săptămânal normal în cabina autovehiculului în statele UE care impun astfel de restricții demersuri, ca măsură de prevenire a răspândirii virusului COVID – 19

No. 461/11.03.2020


Italian Government
Mrs. Paola De Micheli - Minister of Infrastructure and Transport


Ref.: request for a derogation from the ban to spend regular weekly rest in the cabin, as a prevention measure in the context of coronavirus outbreak in the EU



Dear Mrs. Minister ,


The National Union of Road Hauliers from Romania – UNTRR is highly concerned of coronavirus outbreak across the EU and its serious impact on road transport companies.

While acknowledging the seriousness of COVID-19 epidemic in your country, may we also signalize its negative impact on Romanian road transport companies, leading to an average decrease of 15% in international road freight transport performed by Romanian companies. In the transport of passengers, the decrease is up to 100% in relation to Italy.

Considering this alarming and aggravating situation for all the EU countries, UNTRR asks Italian Government urgent intervention in order to apply a temporary derogation from the ban on spending the regular weekly rest (45 h) in the cabin of the truck, based on the Regulation (EC) no. 561/2006 on the harmonization of certain provisions of the social legislation in the field of road transport. By allowing the regular 45-hour weekly rest in the cabin, professional drivers will be more isolated and the risk of getting infected with the new coronavirus will be more reduced than in the event that they will continue to be obliged to stay at the hotel.

Expressing our trust in Your support, we would like to thank You and assure You of our highest consideration.

Yours sincerely,

Secretary General

                             Radu DINESCU

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