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U.N.T.R.R. - National Union of Road Hauliers from Romania

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The National Union of Road Hauliers from Romania presents its official web page, aiming both at the improvement of quality and volume of the supplied information, as well as at a quicker exchange of information.

U.N.T.R.R. is meeting in this way the hauliers' need of information, presenting them, in a fast and correct way, the latest news in European road transport.

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The Council of Direction of the UNTRR


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Traffic info

Further to communication AG/GE2281/IRO dated 27 January 2014, this is to inform you of the official launch of the Global Anti-Corruption Initiative – a joint project of the IRU and the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC).

Corruption is one of the key problems which hinder the development of the world economy and international trade by road transport. It is endemic in emerging economies, but is also found in industrialised ones. Due to the significant negative impact of corruption, its eradication is becoming one of the top priorities for governments and international organisations.

The purpose of this Initiative is to collect information from road transport operators and professional drivers on cases of corruption, bribery and extortion along major global road transport corridors on the five continents. Once this data is collected and analysed by experts, a final report will be prepared and officially presented for the UN Anti-Corruption Day in December 2014, which will later be sent to governments of the countries involved and to leading political fora such as G20, G8 and Davos Forum to draw attention to the negative impact of corruption on road transport and stop this economic impediment.

If you are a road transport operator or driver who has experienced corruption, bribery or extortion, tell us your story via our E-Questionnaire (click here)

We have been there as simple travelers on route to a Conference in Ashgabat! Click here for the trip journal

Brochure for start up a business in Romania

  • Should you are interested to start up a business in Romania, you may download here  Romanian  the brochure "Establishing a Romanian Road Transport Company "
  • Мы с удовольствием предлагаем заинтересованным лицам бесплатно электронную версию брошюры "Создание транспортной компании в Румынии",  публикация Национального союза автоперевозчиков в Румынии. Нажмите здесь, чтобы загрузить  Romanian
  • Romanya'daki Karayolu Nakliyecileri Ulusal Birliğinin bir yayını olan "Romanya'da bir nakliye şirketi kurulması" broşürünün ücretsiz elektronik versiyonunu sunmaktan mutluluk duyuyoruz. İndirmek için burayı tıklayın  Romanian




T-Festival 2016 - International Festival of Transporters, Bucarest, 27-29 May

27 May 2016, 11:00: UNTRRplanner launch

Radu Dinescu

Mr. Radu DINESCU, UNTRR Secretary General

Umberto de Pretto

Mr. Umberto DE PRETTO, IRU Secretary General

Michael Nielsen

Mr. Michael NIELSEN, IRU General Delegate to the EU

Mark Ulrich

Mr. Mark Ulrich, PTV Group

27 May 2016, 13:30:  International Conference on Fair Competition in Road Transport “Global Trends & EU Challenges in a fast moving world”

Conference Program

Poza de grup

Mr. Umberto DE PRETTO, IRU Secretary General;
Mr. Dan Marian COSTESCU, Romanian Minister of Transport;
Mr. Radu DINESCU, UNTRR Secretary General

Imagini din sala

Imagini din sala

Radu Dinescu

Mr. Radu DINESCU, UNTRR Secretary General

Dan Marian Costescu

Mr. Dan Marian COSTESCU, Romanian Minister of Transport

Umberto De Pretto

Mr. Umberto DE PRETTO, IRU Secretary General

Michael Nielsen

Mr. Michael NIELSEN, IRU General Delegate to the EU

Haydar Ozkan

Mr. Haydar OZKAN, Secretary General BSEC URTA

Gayle Di Pietro

Mrs. Gayle DI PIETRO, Global Programme Manager, Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP)

Costin Lianu

Mr. Costin LIANU, Export Council

Stefan Popa

Mr. Stefan POPA, President, Romanian Union of Freight Forwarders (USER)

Lucian Lambru

Mr. Lucian LAMBRU, Deputy General Director, Romanian Road Authority (ARR)

Mihai Alecu

Mr. Mihai ALECU –State Inspectorate for Control in Road Transport (ISCTR)

Cristian Bucur

Mr. Cristian BUCUR, Technical Director, Romanian Auto Register (RAR)  

Ana Claudia Tapardel


Maria Grapini


Isabelle Maitre

Mrs. Isabelle MAÎTRE, Head of Permanent Delegation to the EU - FNTR France

Myriam Jans

Mrs. Myriam JANS, Manager EU Affaires
TLN Netherlands

Alper Ozel

Mr. Alper ÖZEL, Vice Chairman of Executive Board
UND Turkey

Carlos El Hashem

Mr. Carlos El – HASHEM,  Deputy Chairman Arab Union of Land Transport (AULT)

Russel Patten

Mr. Russel Patten, Secretary General - Transfrigoroute International (TI)

Cristian Tudor

Dl. Cristian Tudor, Coordinator Product Performance, Quality & Area 3, Bridgestone

Radu Dinescu

Mr. Radu DINESCU, UNTRR Secretary General

Conferinta Conferinta

Speeches of Mr. Dan Costescu - Minister of Transport and Mr. Umberto de Pretto - IRU Secretary General were listened by over 300 people - carriers, delegates of international organizations, IRU-International Road Transport Union, GRSP - Global Road Safety Partnership, TI - Transfrigoroute International, delegates of regional organizations BSEC-URTA - Black Sea Economic  Cooperation Union of Road Transport Associations, AULT - Arab Union of Land Transport, delegates of national organizations from France, Netherland, Turkey, Moldova, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Estonia, Georgia, Armenia, Slovakia, Romania.

Presentations from Conference on Fair Competition in Road Transport “Global Trends & EU Challenges in a fast moving world”


27 May 2016, 19:00:  Ceremony - IRU Awards Top Romanian Road Transport Managers 2016 and Great Tombola - UNTRR

IRU Secretary General, Umberto of Pretto, presented the awards "Top Manager of the Road Transport"  to Mrs. Cristina Ostrovanu, Transport Manager at Intermontana S.R.L. and to Mr. Emilian Stoica, Director Transport at Arabesque S.R.L. 

Manageri de top 2016

Those present at events UNTRR dated May 27, 2016 were awarded in a raffle with footballs, travel insurance and vignettes.

Of the UNTRR members present at the events dated May 27, 2016, these are the three happy winners of tickets to the opening match of EURO 2016 - Romania-France dated June 10th:  Mrs. Daciana Crisan from Pletl company, and Mr. Basil Csengeri from Bon Trans and Mr. Ovidiu Ionescu from the Insert Auto Service.

Castigatori bilete


  28 May 2016:  Bucarest, Romexpo

Stand Mol

Romanian Minister of Transport Dan Costescu at T-Festival exhibition stand of MOL Romania discussing with Dana Pasol PR & Marketing Manager

Stand Scania

Romanian Minister of Transport Dan Costescu and Hakan Sundstrom - President of Scania Romania and Bulgaria

Stand Mercedes

Stand Mercedes

Romanian Minister of Transport Dan Costescu  at T-festival exhibition stand  of Mercedes Benz Romania, together with Adina Enache PR&Marketing, who presented the latest news and prospective projects

Radu Dinescu, discutii

Romanian Minister of Transport Dan Costescu together with Radu Dinescu - Secretary General of the National Union of Road Hauliers from Romania  - UNTRR and Umberto de Pretto - Secretary General of the International Road Transport Union – IRU, at T-Festival exhibition stand of UNTRR

Parada Moto 2016

Romanian Minister of Transport Dan Costescu and IRU Secretary General Umberto de Pretto at the motorcycles and trucks parade during T-festival 2016

The Minister stayed with us for 2 hours



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