Authorisations, goods transport Romania

Bilateral authorisations

Unless otherwise provided for in a bilateral agreement, the following road tax is payable by operators of foreign/registered goods vehicles entering Romania:

No. Tariff Calculation Tariff, VAT included in euro
1. Authorization Tariff/journey 1,200
2. For permits with payment, according to the Protocol of the Ministry of Transports and Infrastructure Tariff x total weight x distance 0.03


Tariffs are levied only for the vehicles registered in other states, according to the bilateral and multilateral road agreements of Romania.

Tariff for authorization the access on road network is levied at the border crossing points when entering/leaving Romania, for vehicles carrying goods and passengers, registered in other states that are subject to authorization according to the road intergovernmental agreements, protocols of the road joint commissions or international agreements of Romania. The tariff is valid for each journey, having a single entrance in and/or exit Romania.

The tariff paid at the entrance in Romania is also valid when leaving Romania.

Tariff for the permits with payment is levied to the road international transport permits with payment according to the protocol by the Ministry of Transports and Infrastructure with the homologue ministries of other states.

The tariff is levied when the road international transport permit without payment is missing.

Source: Order No.62 from 30.12.2008

ECMT authorisations

All the ECMT licences are valid in Romania. Romania observes, completely, the categories of the liberalised transport mentioned in the relevant chapter of the “Guide for Government official and carriers on the use of the ECMT Multilateral quota” (ITF/TMB/TR/MQ(2008)1/FINAL).

Community authorization

All the vehicles registered in EU can perform international road transport in bilateral transit / third country traffic between Romania and the EU countries, on the basis of Community authorization, as it is mentioned in the EEC Regulation no 881/92. The traffic between Romania and a non–EU country, performed by the lorry registered in an EU country shall observe the provisions of the bilateral agreement concluded between Romanian and that non–EU country. Cabotage is prohibited for EU transport operators till at least 2010.

Last page edit: 01/22/2009


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