03.04.2019 - Mesaj UNTRR către cei 751 Membri ai Parlamentului European: UNTRR calls the European Parliament to leave Mobility Package 1 for the next EU legislature! Do not destroy EU ROAD TRANSPORT INDUSTRY!

Dear Members of the European Parliament,

The National Union of Road Hauliers from Romania - UNTRR calls the European Parliament to leave Mobility Package 1 for the next EU legislature.

During EP plenary tomorrow, 04.04.2019, we urge the Members of the European Parliament to reject Mobility Package 1, namely its 3 hot files restricting the access to the EU transport market and affecting the fundamental freedoms of movement in the EU:

  • Enforcement requirements and specific rules for posting drivers in the road transport sector ( rapporteur KYLLÖNEN ) -  posting rules and burdens  will block international road transport in the EU, imposing hauliers to calculate & pay different national wages for 1 driver in 1 month, despite the fact the the European Commission launched infringement procedures against the minimum wage laws introduced during the past years by certain Western EU Members States - like Loi Macron in France and MiloG in Germany. 
  • Daily and weekly driving times, minimum breaks and rest periods and positioning by means of tachographs (rapporteur VAN DE CAMP) - proposing the obligatory return home of the drivers and the ban to spend regular weekly rest in the cabin, despite the recent study of the European Commission acknowledging an acute shortage of safe and secure parking areas for trucks in the EU - click here
  • Adapting to development in the road transport sector- revision of the EU rules for access to the profession and to the market of road transport of goods (rapporteur ERTUG) - proposing the obligatory return home of the trucks and restrictions to cabotage and market access is against the EU Common Transport Policy, in direct contradiction with its objectives of decarbonisation and transport network efficiency.

Considering the divergent opinions within European Parliament, after 2 years of fiery debates, we consider that the 3 hot files of the Mobility Package 1 could not be adopted and we ask you, the Members of the European Parliament to postpone the Mobility Package 1 to the next European Parliament, in order to make legally, economically and socially substantiated decisions for all Europeans. 

Not only the future of road transport is at stake, but also the functioning of EU single market and of the overall European economy, which after the Brexit challenges, could be deeply affected by the profound divisions between East-West, New-Old and Periphery-Centre between the EU Members States, as generated by the current proposals of the Mobility Package 1.

https://www.untrr.ro/userfiles/files/Open_letter_ postpone_MP1.pdf UNTRR, together with transport associations representing Bulgaria, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland ask for  THE POSTPONEMENT OF THE MOBILITY PACKAGE I TO THE NEXT EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT! Do not destroy EU ROAD TRANSPORT INDUSTRY!

Yours sincerely,


Secretary General

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