01.04.2019 - Mesaj UNTRR către toți Eurodeputații Membri TRAN: STOP PUSHING FOR TROUBLED PIECE OF LEGISLATION! STOP THE MESS! Just Leave MP1 for the next European Parliament !!! STOP MOBILITY PACKAGE 1! STOP Neoprotectionism in EU road transport!

Dear Members of the TRAN Committee,

Considering TRAN extraordinary meeting of tomorrow, 2 April to prepare EP plenary vote on Mobility Package 1 this week, The National Union of Road Hauliers from Romania - UNTRR is asking the Members of the TRAN Committee to strongly reject the restrictive measures of Mobility Package 1, affecting the international road transport in the EU and the fundamental freedoms of movement in the EU:

X NO to  cabotage restrictions and "cooling off" period !

X NO to posting application to road transport! NO to the application of the Rome I Regulation !

X  NO to driver and the vehicle OBLIGATORY return home!

X  NO to the ban of the weekly rest in the vehicle !

UNTRR ASKS THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT TO INTRODUCE THE COST OF REFERENCE IN EUROPEAN ROAD TRANSPORT!  Same pay for the same work in the same place – this principle is also valid for companies, not only for employees. May we remind you that today, for the same transport operation in the Western EU, the Eastern hauliers are paid bellow 1 euro per km, while Western hauliers receive 1,5 euro per km. We asked for an analyze of DG COMPETITION, as these are significant differences between the tariffs paid to Eastern and Western hauliers, representing up to 30-50% of the revenue for the transport companies competing in an industry with the average margin bellow 5%. The Mobility Package should ensure a fair competition on EU road transport market, by introducing the cost of reference in EU road transport - per each type of activity (long haul, short haul, distribution, etc) and per type of vehicle operated (dump truck, dump cereal truck, cooler truck, container etc) similarly to CNR in France(www.cnr.fr ), in order to guarantee the same reference cost of transport in the EU, both for Eastern and Westen hauliers. Similarities can be also found in banking system where total cost of interest for clients is composed from reference interest like Euribor + margin of each bank. In European road transport the total cost of transport for clients should be composed from an EU Reference cost + margin of each road transport company, while liberalizing road transport market in the EU. To the extent that you do not want to undertake this measure, in order to apply the principle “same pay for same service in the same place” for the transport companies, this means you want to legalize the discrimination of Central and Eastern hauliers in the EU transport.

UNTRR ASKS FOR THE REJECTION OF THE MOBILITY PACKAGE 1 IN THE EP AND FOR THE WITHDRAWAL OF THE RESTRICTIVE PROPOSALS OF THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION!  Since its publication on 31.05.2017, the Mobility Package 1 has raised fundamental concerns about its proposed restrictions to the market access for Eastern EU road hauliers and the unacceptable steps back from the liberalization of road transport market in the EU. Romanian and Eastern European hauliers are revolted and extremely concerned about the restrictive proposals of the mobility package, aimed at amending European legislation in the field of road transport, in the context of the increasing protectionism of the Western EU  Member States of the Road Alliance. May we signalize the hypocrisy of this legislative package supporting equal rules for all the players on the market, while the real impact of its proposed rules is not the same for all the EU Member States, as it actually leads to the impossibility to operate international road transport in Western EU by the road transport companies established in the Eastern EU. This would deepen the gaps between EU Member States: instead of supporting the new comers’ developing economies and the social harmonization across the EU, the Road Alliance proposes unacceptable changes of EU Common Transport Policy leading to EU economic and social segregation.

Your support is highly needed by road transport industry in a crucial moment !!!

Just Leave MP1 for the next European Parliament !!!

STOP THE MOBILITY PACKAGE 1! STOP Neoprotectionism in EU road transport!

Yours sincerely,


Secretary General

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